AtmosVR Ltd provides 3D, 360 Degree and VR services for promotional and marketing projects.
 In 2017 we will also be launching a 3D 360 Degree live streaming service for concerts and events
Sick of missing out on concerts and events because tickets are sold out or the venue is too far away? Perhaps you have a disability that prevents attendance?  Well we have a solution.
We live stream concerts and events in 3D, 360 degree, 4K format so that you can be immersed direct from the stage.  Be right next to your favourite artists, even if there's no tickets left.  SIGN UP to find out more and to receive a free access code when we launch.
In 2016 Glastonbury Tickets sold out in 30 mins and Phil Collins sold out in 15 secs.  
There are an estimated 22 Million concert and festival goers in the UK alone so what do they do when tickets are sold out, the venue is too far to travel, the dates aren't convenient or perhaps a sickness or disability prevents attendance?  In 2017 our platform will offer an immersive 3D, 360 degree solution that offers a taste of what its like to be centre stage with some of the worlds best artists.  

Sign up and get ready to enjoy the immersive experience of
Events like these will no longer be inaccessible AND you can have better than front row seats.

We need your help, please add your email and help us attract artists and investors. In return you'll receive a 6 month FREE access code when we launch.

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