Bring your property or venue to life with a 3D Showcase that will blow prospective buyers away.  We put Matterport’s industry-leading technology to work for, creating an immersive online 3D experience that allows customers to experience your property before they ever see it in person.

Add the wow factor, stand out from the competition

With Matterport 3D showcase, potential customers can take themselves on a personal tour in their own time and explore the aspects they really want to see.  The feature tagging also allows you to highlight the aspects of the building you would want to pass on to customers in person.  

The showcase, photographic floor plans and dolls house view give viewers a good sense of the building and layout and provides an honest account, so viewers also know that what they are seeing is the real thing rather than an artistic view.  After all, if the scan is of a property you're considering buying or renting, you don't want to turn up in person and be disappointed!

You may spend a lot of time showing people around properties, scheduling floor plans and photographers.  Matterport scanning is a one-stop solution for property marketing, enabling you to focus your time on other aspects of your business.  

Scanning features

Floor Plans

Photographic floor plans are generated automatically with your model processing and appear in the standard menu.  Accurate black and white schematic plans can be created during post-processing.

Dolls House View

This stunning view can be rotated in 3D space for viewing at any angle, allowing customers to clearly see the layout of your building. This is automatically generated in processing.

Easy Navigation

Customers can explore your property easily by using the navigation menu at the bottom of the 3D showcase which lists the rooms or simply by clicking space in the view to move to new areas.

4K Photography

Matterport cameras can produce 2D photographs in glorious 4k resolution for print and HD web, that are automatically white balanced and colour corrected. Panoramic photographs are also available. 

Virtual Reality

Matterport scans can be viewed on a desktop but can also be VR enabled for viewing via through a variety of headsets. This provides an immersive experience where customers can feel they are in the property.

Media sharing

Property scans can be easily embedded into your website and can be shared anywhere online. Viewers can use the share button within the 3D showcase to post links to social media or get a shareable web link.


The laser camera system is so precise we can provide accurate measurements for rooms, ideal for prospective customers to assess the space against their needs.

Feature Tagging

Important features about your venue, such as information, amenities can be tagged within the scan. Tag content can be in text, photograph, video, audio or web link format. Tags are accessible in all viewing formats.

Video tours

If you would like to take your visitors on a guided tour of your property, we can use the Matterport scan to produce a polished video walk-through of your property. 

Who uses Matterport 3D scanning?

Real Estate

Matterport 3D showcase is brilliant for property agents and developers. Demonstrate buildings to a wider potential customer base to include those who may not otherwise travel to view in person. Those who do view in person are more likely to be serious buyers. Stand out, get more leads, win more listings. New-build developers can show previous builds distant locations to potential buyers interested in a proposed local development. 

Visitor Attractions

Give the public a taste of what to expect when they visit! Help people get a true sense of your venue and spark their interest with an interactive tour. Use tagging to incorporate information in text, video, photo and audio format. Make your attraction more inclusive by opening it up people who are unable to access it due to location or disability. Perhaps include a behind the scene tour of exhibits or a history of the attraction itself!


Generate more interest in your hotel, or short stay accommodation by allowing potential customers to explore your facilities. It's not easy for people to explore your rooms while you have guests but let Matterport explore them remotely. Highlight your services and local visitor attractions, perhaps include a personal touch and welcome viewers to your premises with a video introduction from your team, tagged within the 3D showcase.

Wedding Venues

Spark interest in your fabulous venue by allowing brides and grooms to explore the building and gardens in their own time. Those who do visit in person are more likely to be serious about booking. Use tagging to highlight your best features - include your potential photography locations, sample menus or a video of a previous event. Perhaps add a warm welcoming video from the manager in the reception area to promote confidence in your brand.


Allow customers to look around your restaurant before booking and get a sense of your ambiance. Perhaps let them see your kitchens or non-public spaces and use tagging to incorporate a video of your signature dish being created. Highlight your policy on ethical produce, include a sample menu in pictures or show off your cosy bar area; the possibilities are endless! 


Universities can attract more potential students by allowing them to explore, see and experience facilities from a distance. Get ahead of the competition with foreign students who are less able to visit faculties in person. Include your accommodation to give students a feel for where they will be living and tag in the services and support that will be available to them. Increase new students' confidence by helping them navigate university sites remotely before even arriving on campus.


How long does it take to scan a building?

This will entirely depend on the size of your building. As a guide, an average sized 3 bedroom house in the UK can take around 2 hours 30 minutes.


How do I dress a residential property?

We recommend following normal guidelines for staging a house - remove any unnecessary items. Please note, we will scan internal doors in their open position.


Where can I get VR cardboard viewers? 

These are readily available on many online stores. If you would like to provide viewers to your customers branded with your business, please get in touch.


Can property exteriors be included in the scan?

Yes, the Matterport system supports 360-degree photos too which are perfect for showing people around the outside of your building and gardens.


How long does it take to provide a processed scan?

This will depend on your bespoke requirements. If you only want the basic scan, in most cases we can have your 3D showcase processed in 24 hours from your site visit. For all requests, we will give you an estimated completion once a scanning date has been confirmed.


I have an unusual space, is Matterport scanning possible?

Yes! Our Matterport scanning is not restricted to normal sized and shaped buildings.


Which Matterport cameras do we use?

We are now using the Matterport Pro2 3D camera which has the very latest features.


Any unanswered questions?

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