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First, the pandemic has fast-forwarded education several years into the future. Lockdown habits won’t unwind; learning increasingly will take place virtually, with students using digital tools that tailor lessons to their own needs. Second, Covid-19 has upended the workplace and people who want to stay relevant will need to acquire new skills much more frequently than in the past.


27 August 2020.



For many, VR was a solution looking for its problem - but no more. The Virus has created the perfect storm of need for business and entertainment - to shrink distance, make real the things people can no longer experience in the flesh, and bring them together around ideas, skills and opportunities - whilst keeping them physically apart!

In the right hands, all textbook VR wins, so ATMOS VR set about making them a reality. We secured the financing needed during the first Lockdown, eyes wide open to the challenges but driven by the twin opportunities to create unique post-COVID public entertainments and support the recovery and future growth needs of smart businesses.



Helping Smart Organisations Defy Gravity

Smart government and private sector leaders now regularly include words like ‘immersive’ and ‘virtual’ – even ‘VR’ itself – as they describe the way they’ll need to do business post-COVID. They’re smart enough know what they need to become in order to defy gravity and grow, but how to get there has never been harder to call.

With ever more communications taking place over distance, preventing the medium murdering the message is a major coming challenge for even the smartest businesses – they’re going to need smart partners.

ATMOS VR’s founder has been on a learning journey which began during his military service, developing immersive and VR solutions to simulate physical events and processes to train, sell and entertain, refining these  processes over time, innovating and integrating technological platforms to embed VR in business and public communications.

The result - new ways to train, explain, inspire, build brands and recreate some sense of belonging for organisations coming to terms with doing things over distance, quicker and more cost effectively than when face to face was the norm.

ATMOS VR is now applying the entertainment power of VR to serve business audiences, ever more of whose digital natives expect engaging content, something to watch not something to read – better still something they can become immersed in.

A powerful example of this immersion is ATMOS VR 3D scanning and Matterport Virtual Tours which the Company specialises in. With COVID-19 impacting tourist attractions and visitor centres hard, tour operators, venue managers and business organisations have turned to ATMOS VR to maintain their customer messaging and engagement.  

Creating Unique Location Based Entertainment

ATMOS VR is exploring the potential to entertain the public by immersing them in large scale VR experiences and has spent the last three years developing a unique VR-based LBE immersive entertainment offering 


The new multiplayer ‘free roaming’ interactive game has been finalised with post-COVID audiences in mind and will offer strictly player number controlled, socially-distanced entertainment across the one-hour shows.  In A Box 3 opened in Oct 2021 and has launched its first experience CHERNOBYL: HIDDEN DEPTHS

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