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Give visitors an experience to remember!

Wondering how to attract more visitors to your promotional stand?  Hosting an event and want to make it more memorable?  By incorporating one of our Virtual Reality (VR) systems you can offer a unique experience that will have people queuing up to try.  From general VR game experiences to tailor-made bespoke experiences designed around your business, we can provide all you need to stand out from other exhibitors.

Event or Party Hire

We are currently offering a number of immersive experiences for hire at corporate events.  A very real and immersive experience that tests fear of heights and sense of reality - who's brave enough to get out of the skyscraper elevator and walk along the plank so high up? Moreover, who's  brave enough to jump off?!  This experience never fails to disappoint and will be a talking point for weeks to come! 

The Hospital Bed

Our new psychological, Virtual Reality nightmare where you’re fully in control but you won't feel it. Once you’re safely strapped to the bed, the VR headset is put on and a series of tests are performed on your virtual reality body, but can you stop those feelings transferring to the real world. Can you tell where the virtual nightmare begins and the real world ends?


The object of the Hospital bed is to stay as still as possible regardless of what tests you're subjected too. Everyone starts with 10,000 health points but the more you move the quicker you DIE!!!!!! 

Can you survive The Hospital Bed?

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Virtual Tasting

Tasting is just the beginning, what if we could offer you a 3D virtual tour of a distillery whilst you sample their product?  We're working on it.

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